How to search & post in forums

You know how important is to discuss about forum posting for link building. Many things can be learned from discussion & here you can get some direct visitors. Moreover search engines gives priority on these forum sites so that it also helps in SEO.
Hence I am going to discuss how to search forum on Google & how to building up link through it.

How to search forum sites?

Many people pay for forum list but sometimes it doesn’t helps much. Because many sites don’t be found or shut down or don’t match with your subject. Here, the best option is to post or reply on forum by searching those manually which matches with your subject.
Here is given some examples- how to search forums on Google.
  • Search: your terms inurl:forum
  • Search: "your terms" inurl:forum
  • Search: your terms +forum
Now, go to the forum sites one by one & open your account there.
Make profile about your site or yourself & post there.  But you have to always maintain forum rules while posting.
After that find out the posts related with your subject & try to reply the questions asked there by others. Careful! Don’t post any link at your first post. Many forums don’t allow it for new members.
Make your signature link nicely as it attracts everybody. Place it on the footer of your post or below of your comment but don’t try to post a number of links at a time.
Or, if the forum doesn’t allow you at the first post. Then do something more. Post minimum allowed number may be your signature link will work then.

Want to post quickly?

 Many of us use software for forum posting, but I will suggest you to avoid these software as much as possible. Because Google doesn’t like using these software especially when you are going to post more than one at a time. That’s why I request you to post manually what Google like most.
Or, if you want to post on same topic then go to a number of forum. Open the form & post there with the help of firefox addons Autofill form. To know more about Autofill form go to this post & know how to use it.

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